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Hammertoes are contractures of the joint of your toes, and appear as raised, circular bumps on one or more of your toes. These usually occur on any toe besides the big toe. Hammertoes can be painful and restrict your ability to walk comfortably, and they may cause pain when you attempt to move your toes.

You may experience swelling in your toes, and you can experience redness in the affected areas. Those with hammertoe often experience a burning sensation on top or in between their toes.

Symptoms of Hammertoe include:

  • Pain or irritation when wearing shoes
  • Corns and calluses
  • Inflammation, redness, or a burning sensation
  • In more severe cases of hammertoe, open sores may form

Call Premier Foot and Ankle Care to help figure out the best course of action for treating your Hammertoe!